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About Us

Service F1rst specialises in providing communications services anywhere in the UK. Our customers tell us they choose us because our main focus is them.

Unbiased independent telecoms services

We specialise in providing tailored communications services to consumers and businesses right across the UK. Because we know how frustrating and confusing telecoms can be, we’ve created a better way to match people like you with the right communications tools. With us, it’s personal.

Why are our UK telecoms services so popular?

Our customers say they enjoy dealing with us because we put them first, treat them with respect and work hard to deliver the services they need at the best price. They like dealing with just one supplier instead of having to juggle multiple accounts. And they love the fact that they can ask us for help and advice at any time.

We’re a BT Grade A Category 1 Supplier!

Our excellent supplier relationships help us provide excellent customer support. BT, for example, has awarded us Grade A, Category 1 supplier status, which means we have to prove that we give our customers the highest level of support and maintain the fastest response times.

We get most of our business through word of mouth referrals

What distinguishes us from other suppliers is the genuine commitment we put into building good customer relationships, and the enjoyment we get out of them. We have more than 30 years’ telecoms industry experience between us and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s this: When we put our customers first, we benefit from personal recommendations and customer referrals. We get most of our business through word of mouth, which shows we’re doing something right!

We’re experienced telecoms detectives

We don’t repair telecoms infrastructure. We leave that to BT. We find the most appropriate and cost-effective suppliers for our customers, then we provide the service.

Our promises

  • we guarantee to find you the best overall deal and review it regularly for you
  • we promise never to increase our prices beyond telecoms industry standards, or increases made by our suppliers
  • if, for any reason, we can’t fulfil our obligations to you, our suppliers will step in to ensure you get the continuing service and support you need
  • because we are a privately owned company, we are free from stock market pressures. We don’t have to please shareholders, so our business drivers are based directly on your interests

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