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SF1 Residential Broadband

Residential Broadband

Tariff Info

  • SF1 Residential Broadband
  • ADSL from 10GB transfer to Unlimited
    Fibre from 100GB transfer to Unlimited
    Router required
  • Residential

The SF1 Residential Broadband package includes:

  • Free Anti-spam & Anti-virus
  • Free web space for your Service F1rst subdomain
  • 10 x Free sub domain email addresses
  • Free static IP address
  • UK based support
  • Free migration with MAC code
  • Up to 1Mb upload

ADSL 10GB – Unlimited broadband £14.99 – £29.99 (requires line rental @ £12.59pcm).

Fibre 100Gb – Unlimited £35.99 – £44.99 (requires line rental @ £12.59pcm).

All services subject to line check and exchange availability.

All packages are for residential lines only. Fair usage policy applies. Service F1rst Ltd reserves the right to review client accounts if we suspect that the account is being used for anything other than its intended purpose. pcm = per calendar month. ppm = pence per minute.

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