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Hear what some of our customers have to say.

Bill Erskine

The Five Lamps Organisation

Improving communications and saving money

The Five Lamps Organisation is one of the largest community-led social and economic regeneration businesses in the North East of England. Based in Thornaby, Stockton-on-Tees, it operates from three main premises, including a purpose-built youth centre, and a range of outreach facilities.
As a charity, The Five Lamps Organisation manages the costs of supporting the organisation carefully so it has more funds for its work. When it approached Service F1rst, the organisation’s telecommunications equipment was dated and the call costs expensive, and this prompted them to look for a more competitively priced supplier. We proposed that they upgrade their phone system and have us supply their telecoms service.

“We were impressed by Service F1rst’s professionalism. They were always available when we needed them, and were able to resolve our issues quickly. They kept us informed of progress during all stages of the transition, and provided detailed information about what was being done and why,” says Bill Erskine of The Five Lamps Organisation.

The Five Lamps Organisation now has an improved communications system that costs them less to run, and confirms that “easy-to-use telecoms at lower cost improves our all-round performance and efficiency.”

“We particularly liked the way Service F1rst’s progress reports made us feel involved in the upgrade, and their ability to resolve problems from afar certainly ensured the changeover went as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

John Thornton

Alpha Cars

It is not often these days that Customer Service excels but I must compliment the Service F1rst team on consistent excellent service.
We have just moved offices and upgraded to virtual numbers.
Chris and his team kept us informed on both the transfer and changes with up to date emails and calls.
We can't thank him enough with us being a taxi service we needed the lines 24/7.
Thanks for a smooth transition and making sure that service was maintained.

Kirsty Hopkin, Managing Director

Digital Print Services Ltd

Smoothing the Office move

Digital Print Services Ltd uses the latest technology to reproduce images and print on anything from business cards, brochures and mousemats, to manuals, posters and menus – and just about anything in between.

As an expanding business, the company has needed to move offices frequently. When it came to the fourth move, Digital Print Services Ltd decided it wanted contact numbers it could take with it in the future – changing phone numbers each time was too costly.

“Service F1rst interpreted our needs fully during the transition period when we were moving offices, and was always on the end of the telephone when we needed help and advice,” explained Kirsty Hopkin of Digital Print Services Ltd.

Initially, Digital Print Services Ltd shared their new office accommodation until the other occupying company was able to relocate. Service F1rst transferred all the company’s calls to a business mobile phone until Digital Print Services Ltd’s new lines could be installed.

Service F1rst proposed that Digital Print Services Ltd adopt 0845 contact numbers, which the company can retain if it needs to move offices again in the future.

“The help and service offered to us by Service F1rst was excellent,” commented Kirsty, “particularly during the time when we had numerous delays to the installation of our new lines. It’s great to know that if we have any questions or need information on anything, someone is always there on the end of the telephone to help. That reassurance is something we’ve not had before. It just takes extra hassle away and allows us to concentrate on the day-to-day running of the business.

“Their friendly and helpful service makes it particularly reassuring to be working with Service F1rst.”

Mr A Rawlinson

BT Customer

Better service and cheaper bills

Mr Rawlinson had been a loyal customer of BT for 25 years, but felt its service was indifferent and slow, and that he was paying more for telephony and dial-up internet access than he needed to. When he decided to upgrade from dial-up internet access to broadband he was looking for one provider and one bill for his communications services, so he turned to Service F1rst.

“Service F1rst asked me to explain my requirements – phone line, internet access and mobiles plus anything else. They advised very simply what they could offer me and had pricing which was easy to understand,” Mr Rawlinson recalls.

“They explained their terms and conditions, which are straightforward and accurate with no hidden charges, the timescales for delivery and change of equipment, and the support and help available. They followed up by phone to make sure everything was as it should be, and reminded me I could call them for support, changes or advice anytime going forward.”

Mr Rawlinson moved his line rental to Service F1rst along with all his calls where they are either cheaper or totally free. We gave him permanent broadband access at a fixed price and provided a low-cost mobile phone package to meet his needs.

“Service F1rst has saved me a lot of money,” explains Mr Rawlinson. “In the 12 months before I switched, I paid BT over £800 just for landline calls and dial-up internet access. In my first year with Service F1rst they provided unlimited internet access via broadband, phone and mobile rental and all my phone calls for less than £786.

“That just shows you can have a better telephony service at a significantly lower cost. What’s more, I know that Service F1rst will be happy to help and will give me best advice if I need anything.

“Service F1rst made it easy to change supplier because they did exactly what they said they would – deliver better value at a lower cost.”